Here are a few of the apps I use to edit my Instagram picture's for posts and stories. I like keeping things simple with just using as few apps as I can. So I try to be creative as possible using the ones I already have.


Snapchat is awesome when you want to include captions to your pictures. They have a few options of fonts style, sizes, and colors. 


This an app I use to edit my selfies with. On days I don't get much sleep, my bags will come through like there is no tomorrow.


Thankfully, Factetune has a retouch feature to smooth away any unwanted lines. Don't go too overboard with the edit. 

This is just a nice feature to make your IPhone pictures look as if its been professionally taken.


Lightroom has countless presets you could make or buy. I usually buy mine because I don't enjoy spending too much time editing pictures.

This program may be used on both computers and phones. So if you're on the go and need a picture edited right away, this app is the way to go. 


You probably saw this featured on my story. This app is amazing at making unwanted objects seamlessly disappear.


It'll take the patterns around the highlighted area to blend away the objects you want gone.

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