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Face The Facts And Remove The Negative To Continue

Do you ever have a wild and vivid dream that just sticks with you?

Most of the time, you wake up and can't even remember falling asleep, let alone what your subconscious mind concocted in the meantime. However, every once in a while you have a dream, whether terrifying or beautiful, that just lingers and you can remember every detail.

I recently had a rather interesting dream and thought I'd share it with you.

From what I can remember, I was visiting some old friends, of which I don't see anymore due to some personal conflicts. This couple has a beautiful baby. I was watching the baby, but for some reason I felt a searing pain in my hand and when I looked down, the baby was biting me. I lost my temper and my subconscious mind's first reaction was to punish the child for misbehaving. This might sound drastic and I know it's insane, but I poisoned the child. Realizing what I had done, I tried everything to make things right. I put the baby in the tub and tried to relieve it's body of the poison, even sticking my fingers in it's mouth to force the poison out. I woke up and had to write it down.

I'm a curious person, so I looked up the definition of biting and poison in a dream to see if there was some explanation for why I would think something like this.

To be bitten in a dream: "to see a bite in a dream represents a negative influence or problem that may have gotten to you. Something corrupting your happiness or good intentions".

Poison: "to dream of poison represents situations, patterns, or people that contaminate our sense of self".

Now, after talking this out with a friend, we came to theorize the following.

Typically, babies can represent new growth or development, but they can also represent yourself. So, the baby biting my hand is a manifestation of my own negative thoughts or emotions trying to corrupt my being. My instinct to poison could represent my current self attempting to cleanse my mind of the negative corruption. However, as I tried to save the baby in the end, I am not ready to fully let go of all the negative. Most likely because by killing off the negative I will lose some of the positive the situation may have brought.

Maybe it's true, I need to face the facts and remove the negative to continue on my path towards my own personal betterment. Though it is a process and it takes time, my dreams, my subconscious, are telling me that it may already be the best time to let go. Otherwise, those thoughts and feelings may start to harm my path to a better me.

What are your thoughts or dreams? Have you tried to figure out what they could me?

To think for a moment. Take in the moment and comprehend the meaning. Sometimes God puts us through situations so that we can help others through the same issue later on. Kind of like a helping hand to guide those that are lost through a hazy forest. Whatever the dream or deep thought may be, there is meaning behind it. A concept in motion trying to make it's way to the conscious portion of our minds. We can use that to help those that may not know how to make it through. You are never alone in this world, you just have to know where to start to find someone to get you to your final destination.


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