Beauty Hacks You Should Know

How to Not Be Bothered

I get asked so many questions about how I can manage to not be bothered by others. That's not to say I don't care about people or how they view me. Imagine life as a plate of food and the food represents an obstacle that you have to deal with in real life (ex. people, situations, events).

There are sections of your meal that you enjoy and parts you want to pick around and hope it will just go away. You don't want to be that picky of an eater and miss out on trying new things. Get outside your comfort zone and explore your options.

First and foremost, focus on your own plate. Don't worry about someone else's. Putting your time and effort into clearing other people's plates isn't going to help clearing your own. Rather, focusing on what you need to deal with for you. Sure, when you do happen to come across someone who is struggling, and you know there is some room on your plate, then help them out. We're made to bring each other up when we can.


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