Beauty Hacks You Should Know

Love You

Body image has been a consistent battle for many, both men and women have to face every day. Blaming the body for not reaching the society's satisfactions. Sometimes it would get to a point where people start body shaming themselves for not being like the models we see on Instagram. Just keep in mind - loving the temple you're in does not happen overnight. It's a process that has to do with working both the mind and heart.

You've probably scrolled through Instagram before going to bed comparing people's nose, eyes, lips, whatever part of the body you struggle with to the models on social media. Wondering how could these people look so effortlessly beautiful? You end up staying up another hour or more just searching through YouTube and Pinterest to seek any possible easy option there is to change that specific part of your body that you're not satisfied with. But have you ever wondered about the people who's creeped on your profile are saying the same exact thing about you?

I've personally struggled with body image myself. Brought up in an Asian household, it's tradition to have the youngest in the family be at their heaviest weight. Yeah...I was chunky most of my childhood. It was never an issue for me until I reached my teen years. I started getting bullied for being the girl who had outer curves with tight clothes. These words started to implementing themselves in my head. Not long after, I found myself binge eating anything I ate, religiously taking laxatives and forced myself to throw back out the food I just had to prevent myself from gaining anymore weight. I knew this wasn't safe or any good to do at all, but I desperately wanted to please people over loving myself.

Your body was uniquely made with love and compassion. And that's it, your body is UNIQUE and not like any other. It's like a machine that needs to be understood for how it work. And when you do, you will not only make peace with your temple but also with everything else. You'll enjoy working out because you understand the benefits. On top of that, you will finally have peace between you and food. That's my most favorite part, because you'll finally enjoy eating and understand how it will nourish your body. Your body is a precious temple that holds your beautifully made soul. So why change you? Instead nourish yourself with love, care and own everything you got.


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